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What exercise should I do with degenerative hips?

Hi Kelly, I am 56 years of age and have degenerative hip joints (one at a moderate stage and one low) do you what exercise would not aggravate my condition Thank you


Our expert says...


The solution to slowing and not aggravating your hip degeneration is ‘how’ you exercise as opposed to what particular exercises are safe. I would recommend any cardiovascular exercise that does not cause discomfort when used (i.e. walking, swimming, stationary bike and x-trainer), to maintain mobility, but would recommend you be cautious about any impact activities such as aerobic / step classes or running.

The best way for you to approach exercise would be to train your core (abdominal) muscles and gluteus (buttock) muscles as these muscles work together to stabilise your pelvis and help minimise increased wear and tear of the hip joint. In addition a total body approach would be sensible to keep the body in balance and prevent muscle imbalances which could create discomfort within your hips, so, make sure you optimise your recovery with Pilates/yoga (if you like holistic exercise) and / or stretching and sports massage.

If you look in the resources section on the website you will see some of my home exercise articles which provide several exercise options for all areas of the body. Try the core and gluteus exercise, ensuring you follow the guidelines carefully. If you are a member of a gym I would recommend also seeking a one-to-one with a fitness professional so they can create an individualised program for you based on the needs you have mentioned.

Hope this helps,


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