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What exercise options have I got as I am losing motivation?!


Despite being always below the calories you recommend and doing more exercise, my weight is not moving. I desperately need to do more but am physically unable to do so. I walk three to four miles and then am finished for the day.

My problem is that I do too much sitting around after I have done any exercise and I go to bed too early because it is heaven for my hips. I have an exercise bike at home and a balancing ball and balancing mat. I find it difficult to get motivated at home to do anything regularly. I am petrified of deep water. I go to a water workout class once a week (there is only one class a week). Can you recommend anything else? I'm losing heart.


Our expert says...


There appear to be a lot of barriers to you doing more exercise that will obviously provide you that increased calorie expenditure and the biggest one that could be impacting on your motivation is the physical discomfort you are obviously experiencing intermittently or post-exercise. Regardless of how often you have pain, pain is a major potential factor in decreasing motivation and needs to be addressed first and foremost!!

You need to be exercising in a way to deal that incorporates the issues you appear to have?i.e. possibly biomechanical issues that put stress on your hips post-exercise? I am making big assumptions here because what you need is a thorough assessment and personalised program, perhaps one you do at home as more structure may give you the home motivation you feel you are currently struggling with, or alternatively, consider investing in joining a gym that binds you into a greater financial commitment but also a greater level of support, facilities and expertise.

I do not usually make the following suggestion but in this case I think you really should consider making a short-term commitment to yourself and get a personal trainer (ideally a corrective exercise specialist) who can visit you at home, take you through exercises structured and designed specifically around your needs and give you some supportive motivation and direction! Look at the FIND A FITNESS VENUE tool bar to the right on the forum page as this has in the drop down menu an option for you to look for health clubs or personal trainers in your area!

Also, make the most of this forum; I have some home exercise programs that split the body into its different sections that should be up on the website anytime now?try some of these for a home element that gives a structured program with clear instruction! It may help your motivation. I hope it does!

Your health and happiness should be a priority?that's priceless so invest in you! Hope this helps.


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