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What exercise can I do with Plantar Fasciitis?

Hi, I have been suffering with plantar fasciitis in both feet for over a year now, I also had Achilles tendonitis in one foot but this seems to have resolved. Walking is a bit of a no-no as is any impact sport on my feet. I wear Asics kayano runners and have orthortics also for extra support. I am seeing a consultant and will most likely have to get cortisone injections in the future at some stage. Basically my query is:- is there any exercise I can do that will help me lose weight/keep fit/tone up that will not aggravate my sore feet. Thanks!


Our expert says...


Yes, you can absolutely work around plantar fasciitis by focusing on the principle that all activity burns calories which means weight loss. You don’t have to do impact exercise and you don’t even have to involve your legs as strength and core exercise helps activate muscle toning which accelerates fat burning in the medium to long-term.  Consider the following possible options and integrate what works for you:

- Non-impact exercise like – swimming, upright bike, Arm XT machine, Rowing machine, X-trainer (you may need to try this one as some people don’t suffer and some do – differs with individuals and degree of foot issue).

- Any upper body and/or core strength work which you could do in a circuit-style fashion with minimal rest to provide the same cardiovascular benefits as walking/jogging and maximise calorie burning. Have a look at the articles on the resources page of the website and you will find some ‘Kelly’s Home Exercise Articles’ which describe in detail (with pictures) how to target all of the different body parts. Apart from the leg exercises you would be able to perform all the others and you can do them from the comfort of your own home or at a gym if you go to one.

- Although not classed as exercise activities like housework, gardening, DIY – (anything where you are moving basically!) burns calories so doing more of these activities or trying to do them with a hint of hast will add to the daily calorie burning figure.

With relation to your plantar fasciitis specifically I would encourage you, on a daily basis to be doing deep massage into the sole of your foot with your thumbs to break down the muscle tension, possible trigger points and re-align micro-tears. If it’s available to you then get someone else to do it for you just make sure its happening daily!! You can also provide a similar effect into the plantaris muscle (the source of plantar fasciitis) by rolling your foot (ball of foot, across arch to the heel) back and forth with a tennis ball as this helps to lengthen the stressed tissue.

Hope this helps,


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