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What else can I cut out??

Hi , I have been keeping to a very strict diet for 4 weeks - keeping the diary which has been very useful. My total intake is well below the 1400 calories and I watch the sugars as well. I eat mostly fruit and fat free yoghurt and salads. I drink water as well as coffee and tea with fully skimmed milk. My job entails me walking over 14000 steps each day - I bought a pedometer! In the last three weeks I have also made time for walks and riding a bicycle. I work very long hours - so don't have much sleep, ave 5.5 hrs. I have been very positive, imagining I was feeling thinner! I have not weighed until today so not to disappoint myself. I am now very depressed as I have only lost 2lbs if that. I am determined so I will keep going more exercise less calories. Any thoughts please, as I do want to reach my goal by July 27th.


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Thanks for writing in with your concerns.  Firstly, I would like to say that a 2lb weight loss is a good result and one you should feel proud of.  I am sure you were expecting and hoping for more, but for some people weight loss is slow during the first few weeks and then picks up.  This may be the case for you.


It certainly sounds like you are doing a lot of the right things – sticking within your targets, watching your sugar intake and exercising.  However, your diet seems quite restrictive and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that you cut anything else out.  I would actually recommend that you try to add in some more food groups, such as complex, brown carbohydrates and lean protein, whilst staying within your daily targets of course!


By eating a more varied diet you will obtain more nutrients, which your body requires to work efficiently. And this includes burning off fat!  I am sure that if you keep going, and being so positive, you will reach your goal.  Good luck.

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