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What diet should I follow to help with my liver problems?

After having my gallbladder removed a few years ago I still had upper abdominal pains so the doctor sent me for a scan. The scan revealed that I have a fatty liver and I wanted to know what sort of diet I should follow as I understand that a fatty liver is reversible and I'm finding it difficult to source any recipe books on the subject.

I've started a new diet, 1400 cals a day, 50g of fat, 2 litres of water and slowly working up my exercise regime. I have also reduced my intake of wine to a few glasses at the weekend.

I look forward to your suggestions.


Our expert says...

Hi, thanks for your query.   Fortunately, dealing with a fatty liver isn’t too complicated - if you cut down on fatty foods and lose weight (both of which you’re addressing by sticking to your food diary) you will also lose fat from the liver. In some ways, having an extra health incentive to lose weight can be helpful, as it can keep you more motivated.

Recommendations from the British Liver Trust for fighting fatty liver include:

  • cutting out or down on alcohol (you say you are already doing this, but it is necessary to be quite strict, and when you do drink at the weekends, I’d recommend keeping to no more than 1-2 units a night)
  • taking more exercise, such as walking or swimming 
  • eating plenty of fruit and vegetables 
  • eating slow-release starchy foods, such as bread and potatoes 
  • avoiding refined sugars and fats – as in chocolate, cakes and biscuits 

I hope these tips help, and good luck!

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