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What can I eat to calm my hunger after spinning?

I go Spinning 3 times a week and always feel hungry afterwards can you suggest something to eat to stop me wanting chocolate. It will have to be ready quickly!


Our expert says...


the most important thing post-exercise is to try and consume 50-100g of a carbohydrate/protein source within the first 15minutes after you finish your spin class. The first 15minutes has been heavily documented in research for being the optimal time to refuel after exercise to maximise recovery and prevent hunger and fatigue.

The carbohydrate portion needs to be quick absorbing (high glycacemic index [GI] if you are farmilar with that term), meaning that the body is able to break it down and utilise its energy quickly. In terms of protein, white meat, fish, nuts and seeds are excellent sources of protein and a good option post-training.

An example might be:

half a bagel (white) = carbohydrate with a piece of chicken (protein)

A handful of mixed nuts and seeds

oily fish - tunna, salmon, prawns or seafood sticks

a nut/seed bar (ideally organic), like the ones you get in health food shops

As long as you have a portion of carbohydrate and protein within the post-training snack you will make a huge difference and be able to supress any hunger pangs that you experience now. It is worth noting that protein takes longer to digest in the bodies digestive system which is what aids the calming of the feelings of emptiness/hunger!

Hope this helps


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