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What can I eat post-exercise to stop my hunger?


I am having problems with food after my exercise. I regularly go to body pump and Taebo classes which cause me no problems at all, in fact I often feel full after these classes. It's my sessions with a personal trainer that are causing me to be starving.

The trainer reckons I am burning a minimum of 350 - 400 calories per hr session. So yesterday in total I burnt 400 calories through my session and 315 from my pedometer. Yesterday before my session I had eaten 1353 calories (my limit for the day is 1568 with 200 to burn through exercise). Following my session I was starving so have bowl of Fruit and fibre with semi skimmed milk. Two hours later I am again so hungry I felt sick so I had a toasted bagel - its now 11pm so I go to bed. Unfortunately I wake up at 4am again feeling so hungry, I try a drink but after 30 minutes I am still hungry.

What can I eat after my sessions to ensure a good nights sleep? I can cope with eating some of my calories but really don't want to eat them all. My sessions are at 6 - 7 pm twice a week.

Thanks (a starving weight loser!!!)


Our expert says...


Your exercise/training components look fantastic and given what you have described, it looks like you need to adjust your post-exercise nutrition in terms of timing and quality. It is very common for people to sometimes experience a suppressed appetite after certain types of training, especially cardiovascular exercise, but this isn't always useful to preventing hunger later on.

I would suggest that you try to consume 50-100g of a carbohydrate/protein source within the first 15minutes of finishing your session with your personal trainer. During the first 15 minutes post-exercise, the body?s enzymes are in a heightened state of functioning which makes this an ideal time-window for effective muscle replenishment/recovery. By taking advantage of this opportunity the body suffers less later on in the day and gets closer to being fully recovered for the next time you train.

In terms of the quality of the food you are eating I simply mean that you should try substituting some of the carbohydrate for a little bit more protein. With all the training you are doing your body will need addition protein sources to help it recover and rebuild the muscle tissue. Some of the snacks you have been having i.e. fruit and fibre with skimmed milk and a toasted bagel and predominately carbohydrate sources and reasonable quick-absorbing ones as well, meaning that they will not provide a slow release of energy and leave you hungry sooner. Protein i.e. nuts, seeds, fish, white meat and Soya products take longer to be broken down within the digestive system and as a result make you feel full for longer.

Some of the simplest things you could eat could be:

Some white meat or fish with half your bagel

A small handful of nuts and seeds

A glass of Soya milk

Seafood sticks (great as snack post-training!)

Nuts and seeds mixed in natural organic yogurt or Soya yogurt

Hope this helps


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