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What can I do now with this broken ankle?

Hi, I had got back on track it NC, full of enthusiasm. While walking the dogs decided to get a few more steps in, which was my downfall, literally! I slipped on a bit of mud, and have broken my ankle. Required operation and have had metal plate, screws and wire work inserted. Thought NC was meant to be a healthy way to lose weight? Now feel disillusioned. I have to hop everywhere as can't weight bear on my ankle, and having visitors popping in for chat and cuppa is not good for calorie counting. I can see this all going downhill fast!!! Any advice great fully accepted Marion


Our expert says...

Hi Marion,

Firstly, well done for the efforts you were putting in and don’t be disillusioned as this temporary issue is just that, temporary and in the meantime there is lots you can do. From a nutritional perspective, it is even more important for you to get that right and visitors need to adhere to your decisions. Offer them biscuits but get ones in your don’t like (for example) – to reduce temptation. Stay strong with your calorie intake because you need to counter any potential reduction in calories burned through exercise. This said you can still do things to burn calories without stressing your ankle and we have some examples in the home exercise articles section on the resources page of the website.

I have done a selection of articles that look at different body parts and how to train them at home without any equipment. So have a look, specifically at the ones titled:

  • Activate your butt, protect your butt: (only do the single leg squats on the good leg though!)

  • Target your chest for shape and tone: (you could do these on your knees so there is no load on your ankles at all)

  • Core exercises

You could take 2-4 of the exercises from the above articles that you like / feel are suitable and put them together in a little circuit, going from one exercise to another with little or no rest. This will get the heart rate up as well as the calorie burning count!

Hope this helps and wishing you a speedy recovery.


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