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What can I do given my severe asthma?

Hi, I am severely asthamatic . try to walk a little every day . I take steroids every day and this has caused my weight problem .. any tips . I dont eat badly and I wheeze alot. I do try to swim when can but our local pool is very cold. Any tips?


Our expert says...


Aerobic exercise is beneficial to asthma sufferers as it will strengthen the assisting muscles (diaphragm and intercostal muscles) that support the respiratory system with the breathing process, so it is great to hear that you walk a little every day.  Those with asthma have to approach exercise with a little more caution and must pay close attention to how the body is feeling during physical exertion.

Try to build your aerobic fitness steadily by gradually increasing the duration and pace of your walks.  Indoor swimming is a great option for asthma suffers due to the (usually) warm water and warm, dry air conditions so it is a shame to hear that your local pool is so cold.  However, there are other non-impact activities such as cycling, rowing and x-training that are all good options too, providing the duration and intensity are built up gradually.  Try to exercise little and often, remember, household chores such as cleaning, cooking and ironing will also contribute to your calories expenditure and you can check out the how many calories these activities burn in the 'Food Diary' section. 

Steroids used for the treatment of asthma can increase appetite so you need to take care with controlling your dietary intake.  It is important that you are eating a balanced and healthy diet, paying close attention to serving and portion sizes. 

The combination of increasing your calorie expenditure through progressing your exercise intensity and close control of your calories consumed should result in a reduction in body fat and ultimately, weight loss.  

Hope that helps,


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