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What calories will I burn with this unique Italian class?

Hi, Bit of a weird one for you here... I'm living in Italy right now (year abroad [:D] ) and I've just started to go to the gym here. They have this class called 'walking', which I've never seen before in the UK. It's like a cross between normal aerobics and step, performed on a self-powered treadmill. So essentially, you walk/jog on the treadmill while doing aerobics style moves, and jumping on and off at some points. Any ideas what I should put this down as to get roughly the right calories? Would step be best, or would moderate general aerobics or something like that be better? Thanks in advance - I realise this isn't the easiest of questions without seeing the class for yourself! Lucy


Our expert says...

Hi Lucy, 

Thank you for this question, that class is fascinating and I have never heard of such a thing……sounds fun though!   Given the combination of walking/jogging on a self-powered treadmill together with aerobic and step-type moves I would approximate a calorie figure of around 365 per hour.

I have tried researching for this class but haven’t found anything so this calculation is very much based on the general combination of components you have mentioned. 

I hope this helps and keep up the classes in Italy! 


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