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What calories for Vibroplate and cold water scuba?

Hi, I am trying to get an exercise regime in place as much as I can between shift work and raising a toddler. I bought a crazyfit vibroplate machine and was wondering what the approx. calorie loss from it is? Or should I just not count this as a workout (as no cardio involved) I am trying to commit to 2 hours of aqua aerobics (very energetic version!) and 2 x 10 minute (1 morning one evening) vibro sessions 4 times per week mainly to tone. Also I scuba dive in cold water 10-14c) every other week (cold diving massively different to easy tropical conditions) I generally gauge conditions and my air/nitrox usage on level of "workout" generally I use much more if I have to swim against current for long or if I have to tow a tired diver etc. the trek to and from the entry point is usually about 100m carrying about an extra 15kg in weight (lead, tank etc) sometimes. Any idea what the average calorie loss for a cold water dive would be? I am hoping to dive weekly next season.


Our expert says...


You can use the vibroplate towards calorie burning; it doesn’t have to be ‘pure’ cardio to burn calories. Remember that any movement burns calories and vibration technology talks about weight loss through the effects of enhanced muscles activation, and metabolic rate through the training exercises done on the vibration machine.

Exact calorie calculations are however, fraught with potential inaccuracy as what exercises someone does on a vibration plate can be so varied in terms of demand and intensity that it is hard to assign a general calorie figure to it, i.e. one person merely standing and holding static positions on it compared to someone who is performing strict lunges, squats, press ups etc. Therefore it would be equivalent to and as inaccurate as giving a calorie figure for using the gym.

However, we can calculate a range based on some assumptions about the content of your workout. It seems to me that the potential for fat-burning with a vibration training machine has to do with the "after-burn" - the energy that is burned after the session. I think that if you were using a vibration machine with movement exercises, i.e. lunges, squats, press ups and so on, then a figure of around 400-500 calories an hour could be realistic given the science regarding the increased body temp, circulation and muscle activation through the mechanism of vibration.

For scuba diving a general (and applicable figure) is 420 calories per hour and I would recommend you use this figure for you cold water diving.

Hope this helps,


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