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What calories for kettle bell 10minute workouts?

Hi, I've just bought the 10 minute solutions kettle bell ultimate fat burner. I am planning on doing 3-4 10 minute segments two-three times per week. How many calories will I be burning?


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The ten minute workout(s) created by Dr. Michele Olson are designed to involve the movements used with kettle bells which are mainly multi-joint, incorporating large combinations of muscle groups. This is one of the biggest contributors to the extent of potential calorie expenditure which could range between 65-75 calories per 10 minute workout. The only thing that does prevent higher calorie expenditure is simply the duration being a time-efficient ten minutes which prevents the effect of sustained heart rate elevation over 30minutes (which is powerful for fat-burning) but obviously putting 2-3 mini workouts together would rectify that. Your plan sounds good so enjoy!


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