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What are the ratios for waist-to-hip calculations?

Hi Kelly, It's generally regarded that Apple shaped people carry fat mostly around their stomach (and have a higher health risk) and Pear shaped people carry fat mostly around their hips (and have a lower health risk). Do you know if there is a point on the waist-to-hip ratio scale (if there is one) that indicates at what point someone is at a higher/lower health risk, or, suggests whether their fat is stored around their stomach or hips? Thanks Kelly


Our expert says...

Hi Warren,

The published ranges for waist-to-hip ratio suggest that a figure above 0.08 for women and 0.95 for men is associated with obesity and linked to a greater risk of health complications and diseases.As this measurement method is very simplistic there are not reliable or specific figures other than the aforementioned ones that are used in conjunction with this technique.

To look at specific storage percentages of fat around the stomach compared to the hips would be better assessed with another method of body composition such as a ‘body stat’, circumferences or callipers which can differentiate where more fat is stored in various areas.

Hope this helps,


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