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What are the calories in red bush tea?

I have been drinking red bush tea instead of usual tea and the package says it is as hydrating as water, does that mean I can drink more of this instead of water? And do you know of the calorific value of red bush tea? Thanks, Maureen


Our expert says...

Hi Maureen,

Yes, you can drink as much red bush tea as you like, as it is indeed as hydrating as water.

In fact experts now say that all drinks apart from alcohol (but including tea, coffee, herbal teas, juice, fizzy drinks etc) can count similarly to water in tems of the fluid intake you need to hydrate you.

Red bush tea, like other types of tea, is said to have good levels of antioxidants. And it's caffeine free, which can be a bonus if you're drinking it late at night. Additionally, it doesn't have the tannins found in normal tea that inerfere with iron absorption, so it's okay drunk with meals.

Red bush tea, like other teas, and coffee, is also calorie free. So drink as much as you fancy and enjoy!


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