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Unable to run, how can I tone my thighs and bum?

Hi there, I am just 6lbs from target and I really want to attack my problem areas, which are my thighs and bum. I read on this website that running is the best exercise but I am unable to do any exercise which jars my spine because I have a herniated disc and also get costochondritis. A physiotherapist has told me to concentrate on swimming, yoga type stretching, walking and using a crosstrainer. Will any of these help me to deal with the flabbiness and general shape of these areas? I have to be careful when close to target because being a pear shape, I start to look over skinny on the upper half of my body, whilst still not having shifted the weight below. I am 58. Many thanks


Our expert says...

Hi there,

Running is a good exercise for targeting the legs and lower body in general, together with fat burning, however so are a million other activities. Running is not required to change these areas so don’t worry, you are not limited by your spine and costochonditis.

There are two things required to target any specific area, for example the thighs and bum area:

1. A calorie deficit to reduce fat stores around the body (done through your commitment to the food diary and getting the figures right consistently). The body is predisposed to store fat around the thighs, tummy and bum as it is biologically a useful place for protection of vital organs and warmth, because of which it will not readily give them up and requires consistent commitment till the body fat gets low enough that it starts to take from these areas.

2. Specific activating exercise to these areas to optimise muscle tone, shape and mobilise fat stores (aka strength/bodyweight training). Some great examples of exercises for these areas can be found in the Nutracheck Resources page of the website under the heading ‘Kelly’s home exercise articles’. Have a specific look at the following articles:

- Core Exercises

- Activate your butt, protect your butt

- An injury-free guide to running (the exercise is relevant)

All the articles have detailed step-by-step teaching points and photos to show you how to do them.

Any other exercise you want will obviously support your aims so just find activities that involve the legs and that don't upset your susceptibilities. Whether it's swimming, static cycling, classes, walking, anything! Also, one of the best ways to avoid the hour-glass imbalance is to train the upper body to ensure optimum posture, upper body tone and symmetry. Again have a look at my exercise articles; there is one for every body part!

Stick with your efforts and the changes will come. Hope this helps.

Kind regards


Fitness Expert

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