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Too much sugar and it's stopping me from losing weight!


 After numerous failed attempts at shifting my weight I am trying again. The problem I always have are I have a very high sugar diet and I don�t like any fruit or veg, which I find is definitely a pitfall as I find I either get fed up of dieting as I run out of food options or when I have had a rough day I find I go and binge on high sugar and fatty foods such as chocolate, sweets, baked goods and crisps.

I really need some help to overcome this as I am at the point now where I am so low about my weight it is starting to effect everything about my life.

 Please help 


Our expert says...

Thanks for your question and I’m so sorry you are feeling so low. What you are actually doing is eating too many calories overall, but focusing it all into beating yourself up about eating too much sugar, whici isn’t helping. Of course sugary and fatty foods like chocolate, crisps, biscuits and cakes really are your downfall, but demonising then really won’t help.

Instead, I’d like you to try a completely different tack – which is to really make an effort to enjoy every bite of your sugary treat! So instead of wolfing down chocolate guiltily, (which isn't enjoying it at all), savour every mouthful, noticing the feeling of it in your mouth and stomach. Then just make yourself one solid promise – that you will stop when it no longer feels good. In my experience, when you do this and really engage with the food , (rather than shoveling it in whilst hating yourself), you start to realise you’re not actually getting any joy out of the food, and are actually able to stop as a result!

To tie in with this I’d urge you to keep a food and mood diary in which you write down every morsel that you eat and drink, the time you eat it and any comments about how you are feeling and what made you eat that food at that particular time. This can make a very powerful tool to change!

The thing you mention that concerns me most is that you don't like fruit and vegetables at all. As they are such an important part of any weight control diet AND contain so many health-giving factors that can protect you against heart disease and cancer, you’re going to need to find ways to enjoy them. I realise that when you’re feeling down the last thing you need is to feel like you have an impossible task in front of you, but next time you’re in the supermarket, perhaps you can look for just one way to sneak in some fruit and veg that you might like – if not fresh raw produce then maybe soups, juice or dried fruit?

Finally I’d suggest that you’d benefit hugely from some peronalised one on one advice, which it is impossible for me to give you in this forum.  Have you spoken to your GP about being referred to a dietitian? Talking through your food issues with a professional, would I’m sure hello enormously so this is an avenue I’d investigate. Good luck!

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