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Switching from low carb to low cal, when will I lose again?

Hello I need a bit of advice. I have been on a pretty clean low carb eating plan for the last year and a half (I am gluten intolerant so this seemed like quite a good fit for me). But having slowly started to gain weight in the last 6 months I�ve decided to reassess what & how I am eating. I knew going from low carb to calorie counting would have a weight gain effect due to water weight (grrrr) reattaching its self/inflating whatever it does to be evil and make the scales go up. But does anyone have any experience on how long before it sorts itself out and I can start to lose again. Trying not to panic too much. Sticking to my calorie allowance - set to lose 1lb a week (holiday in 7 weeks so half a stone would be lovely). I have 1461 cals a day to eat - I then walk twice a day on top of that and I also do the 30 day shred daily so my exercise calories are always over what I have to burn. Any feedback on those coming from low carb to calorie counting and their experiences would be great. Still planning to eat as clean and unprocessed as I can - just with more fruit/ starches. Thanks


Our expert says...

Thanks for your query.

Hope you don’t mind me just mentioning, but one of the problems you might be facing is that you are already a healthy weight, so your body could be having a bit of an issue with the fact that you are trying to get it to a weight it’s not particularly comfortable at!

However, you’re right, low carb diets do tend to keep  water weight off better, so part of the problem is that you might now be holding on to more fluid than before. But it should be 2-3 pounds at most, and on the upside, you’re likely to feel more energised now you have a bit more carb in your diet!

I’m not entirely clear if you’ve actually been putting on weight since going on to a calorie controlled diet or have just failed to lose it as you had hoped.  But if the pounds continue to stay on stubbornly, it nay be that for you, with your smaller frame, a further cut in calories is necessary. If you are really determined to lose weight and can manage it, a cut to 1200 calories might just do the trick – but be warned it’s not always easy! The other option is to boost your fat burning by jogging rather than walking; other things likely to help are weight-training exercises, which build muscle and raise metabolic weight.

I’m sure you’re already dong it, but eating a good portion of protein (lean meat. poultry or fish) will also help weight loss as it take more energy to digest protein as opposed to carbohydrate or fat.

I’m not sure what experience other dieters might have to add of their experience of changing from low carb to calorie counting and how long it takes to adjust… Hopefully , some others may comment and help you out with their tips!

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