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swimming versus spinning - which is best?

Hi, Which is better for losing weight - spinning classes or swimming? I also wondered how many calories I actually burn when I go swimming. I usually swim 1km without a pause (it takes me 30mins) and then swim for 10-15 more minutes more slowly. I only swim breaststroke. When i go spinning, the spinning class itself (without stretching or belly exercises) takes between 45 and 55 minutes. As I also go to the gym, do belly dancing and yoga, I have time either for spinning or for swimming and cannot decide which one is better for me. I would like to get a bit slimmer and fitter. Thank you!


Our expert says...


Generally a spinning class has a higher potential for burning more calories due to the class format that encourages a higher intensity and motivational music and encouragement from the instructor (hopefully!). That said it’s all relative and if you enjoy swimming and work at a high effort level in the swimming pool or perhaps swim for longer then swimming could easily burn more calories than spinning.

I would recommend you alternate which activity you go with on a weekly basis or just see how you feel; it is great that you have the options to choose from. Variety will keep the body guessing and help protect your body from injury that can be caused by repetitive stress.

Keep up the good work,

Hope this helps,


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