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Should I use Maxitone Definity protein shakes?

Hi, I was wondering if you knew anything about the Maxitone Definity protein shakes for women. They're supposedly supposed to help you tone whilst you exercise. Do you think they actually work and how should I take it? Thanks.


Our expert says...


The straight answer to this is NO. No liquid (regardless of chemical composition) can ‘help you tone’ whilst exercising. Marketing is clever and misleading at times as fitness/energy drinks is big business and a competitive market. Their marketing bumph reads as follows on their website:

‘‘Definity shakes are the easy way to add high quality protein to your diet and nourish your body with the extra nutrients it needs to develop a shapely feminine body from resistance training with bands or weights (vital for sleek arms and shoulders, a shapely bottom, firm legs and a taught flat tummy).

Definity shakes contain whey protein to help nourish your muscle after a workout and rapidly support body shaping and toning goals. Just take a shake in the morning and another after exercise.’’

This is no different from any other protein shake on the market and protein shakes are shown over and over in research to be totally unnecessary unless someone is actually incapable of eating a decent diet. As you are using our website this definitely is not you! If you aim to eat a source of protein in the first hour after training you give your body exactly what it needs to recover optimally from training and maximize muscle tone. The most important factor for getting better muscle tone is your training – how consistently and how hard/effective you train.

My honest opinion – don’t waste your money, seriously.

Hope this helps,


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