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Should I go low carb or low fat?

Hi, I need a little kick up the bum and I know I can do this! I like the fact that by counting calories, I'm not restricted on certain foods. I just wanted a bit of advice on whether to monitor my carbs or low fat alongside with calorie counting. Someone told me the other day to not eat complex carbs after 2pm. He said if I were to eat carbs for tea then I wouldn't burn it all off and I'd store the rest as fat. Is this true?


Our expert says...


Thanks for your qestion.

You're absolutely right that weight loss essentially comes down to calories in versus calories out - and no matter how you dress it up, that's the overall aim. The important thing is to find an approach that works for you and that you can stick to! The benefit to keeping a food diary and 'counting calories' is that no foods are banned, so it's pretty straight forward and you shouldn't have to feel overly deprived.

Low carb or low fat?

Regarding going low carb or low fat, this is entirely personal preference. As we know, it all comes down to calories and how best you find limiting these. Some people like to reduce carbs and increase their protein intake as this can help with satiety. Whereas others prefer lowering fat, as this is the most calorie dense nutrient, so reducing fat can make it easier to stick to a reduced calorie intake. But it's really up to you and you don't have to especially try to limit either. We also recommend our Well Balanced plan as the best option for most people, as this follows the general guidelines for a healthy balanced diet - so it doesn't limit any nutrient, it gives you the balance that's needed.

Carbs at night

Regarding avoiding complex carbs after a certain time of day, there is no solid evidence to suggest that we shouldn't eat past a certain time of day and this is for any food including carbs and protein.

The important thing is that you stick within your calorie allowance over a 24 hour period which fits in with your own personal routine. So if you don't get in from work until 8pm and you then have to cook and eat, it won't make any difference to your weight loss plan as long as you haven't overeaten the rest of the day.

Although eating later in the evening shouldn't affect your weight loss, you should always think about the types of foods and drinks you're choosing and whether it will affect your sleep pattern. Very fatty or spicy foods can disrupt sleep, so best not to eat these types of food too close to bed time!

I hope this helps and please let me know if you need anything further.

Best wishes


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