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Should I follow a high protein diet?

Hi. Have put on some weight after initial weight loss success. Feeling bloated. Did eat lots of bread and carbs. Feel like an alcoholic - I just can't allow myself bread, even a little slice (it's never enough!) To help me 'get off' bread again, I was thinking of doing a protein diet for about 4-6 weeks. I know that this is not a good long term solution. Have you got any information that would be useful for me please?


Our expert says...

Sometimes people really  do get into a terrible cycle of carb carving and It’s difficult to break. It’s possible that you may have a more exaggerated serotonin (feel good) response to carbs than some people, or there’s also a possibility that you may be intolerant to wheat which is often associated with you craving bread and pasta etc.

I think you should up you protein a little for a while, but I think you could go half way house by cutting wheat sources but not carbs in their totality.

So try wheat free versions of bread (a new one called Genius in Tesco is great) and eat no wheat carbs like rice and  pulses. If this helps a great deal and the bloating stops I’d suggest you talk to your doctor about the possibility of seeing a dietitian to treat you for a suspected wheat intolerance.

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