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Should I be strict with my calories on a day-to-day basis?

Hi, I've been doing this for a couple of weeks and have a 1400 cal limit and 200 cal to burn in exercise a day. To lose 2lbs a week do I have to stick to this very strictly? I.e. say one day you don?t burn the 200 calories should you really only consume 1200 calories to make up for it? I was recently very de-motivated when I switched to the week view of 'only include exercise that exceeds my daily limit' as everything suddenly turned red when I had been doing well (most days) to stick to 1400 calories a day. Thanks :)


Our expert says...


To be honest the body is a science (a slightly inexact science, but a science none the less) and the key to weight loss is consistency on a day to day basis. ‘Bad’ days simply undo the good of ‘better’ days which is why individuals who binge at the weekend after a week of strict behaviour can still often struggle to maintain an effective weight loss.

Achieving your suggested daily calorie intakes and outputs are very important and inconsistency to the targets means weight loss could be more of a result of luck and guess work then strategic planning.

Try to take the perspective of challenging yourself and your personal discipline to take one day at a time and make your suggested calorie targets. Aim for as many consecutive ‘effective’ days as possible, as these increase the motivation will grow and grow and this is then reinforced by the resultant weight loss week to week.

Good luck,


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