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Should I be eating more or is it in my head?

Hi, I started maintaining a week and a half ago. I am on 2150 kcals a day and my exercise regime is this for a week: 3 times I run 5k on the treadmill, one hour of Pilates, 2 hours salsa dancing. I also walk to and from college most days, so that is two hours walking, but I don?t count this into my exercise regime as I feel walking has become part of my day. Should I be eating more? I am always thinking about food, and think it may do with not eating enough calories or something. Either that or my head still isn?t right when it comes to food, and I feel like I need it when I really don?t. HELP!


Our expert says...


Your exercise set up sounds good, as does your calories for your daily activity and exercise. The mind is very powerful but constantly thinking about food does not necessarily relate to you actually being hungry and I would urge you to see whether this is the case by trying to interpret hunger physically as opposed to mentally. By that, I mean your stomach will tell you if it is empty and requires more and this will be reinforced by your energy levels and mood etc.

- Look for signs of fatigue or stomach discomfort that would suggest you may be under-nourishing.

- Also, make sure you are adequately hydrated as dehydration is often interpreted by the body as hunger and signals a conscious thought process when in fact it is a thirst issue. 

When you catch yourself thinking about food try a technique called ‘thought-stopping’: which involves purposely thinking specifically about something else and not getting fixated on thoughts about food. So, try and think about what else you are doing in the day, things to remember relating to friends/work or just on the things around you: - anything to simply take your mind off food!

Boredom can also leave us thinking about food so check to see if this is a factor that relates to your thinking patterns.

Hope this helps,


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