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Only lost 8lbs since March and disheartened.......

Hi, I have been a member of NC since 23rd March 2009 and have only lost 8lb and very very disheartened. I weigh all food and even put in my diary any naughty things. But I still have never managed to eat 1400cals a day and never had any Red ticks always Green ones. I wonder as I am not using all my cals and can not exercise much due to arthritis in my back if this is why I am not losing weight? I am suppose to be at goal weight by September as that is when my membership runs out and am reluctant to renew if I am not losing the weight. I do not drink alcohol and do not drink much fluids at all may be 3 or 4 mugs (small) of tea a day and I drink no more than 5 glasses of bottled still water with no added sugar but it has a twist of lemon and lime in it. I am putting everything down in my diary that goes into my mouth and am not cheating but I just can not win. I use to eat loads but I am not eating a quarter of what I use to eat so surely I must lose weight. Sue


Our expert says...

Hi there Sue,


I’m sorry that you are feeling so disheartened, but pleased that you have written in for advice. It certainly sounds like you are doing everything right in terms of filling in your food diary.


I can understand that you are frustrated at losing 8lbs since the end of March, but this is still a respectable result.  I think that given your circumstances, which do not allow you to exercise much, you should be pleased with your weight loss.  And do remember that you are much more likely to keep this weight off if you have lost it at a steady pace.


I think it would be worth increasing your calories to nearer your target for a week or so to see if you can stimulate your metabolism.  The problem with eating less than 1400 calories consistently is that it is hard for your diet to supply all the nutrients it needs.  I would encourage you to eat as many wholesome, natural foods as possible, avoiding processed foods and ready meals.  Make sure you eat at least your 5 fruit and veg a day, as these provide valuable vitamins and minerals alongside low calories!  It is all about making your calories be as nutrient dense as possible.


Also, take a look at your diet for its sugar content.  Quite often a low fat diet can turn into a high sugar diet without you realising it, and excess sugar in your bloodstream can eventually be turned into fat.   


You may be interested in some tips I have that may help your arthritis. I would recommend reducing foods in your diet that may cause inflammation in your body i.e. red meat, dairy and fried foods. Other foods that have been linked to aggravating arthritis include: salt; citrus fruits; and food from the 'nightshade' family, which are potatoes, aubergine, tomatoes and all different coloured peppers. It may be worth removing some of these from your diet for a week or two to see if your symptoms improve. Finally, ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory and you could try grating some fresh root ginger and adding it to stir-fries, soups and foods to see if this reduces your symptoms.


I hope this is helpful and good luck!

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