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Not losing weight after 7lbs in 1st week. Any suggestions?

Last year I was on this diet and lost 2st.8 lbs in three months, went on holiday to America and put on ten pounds. Am back on the diet and although the first week I lost about 7 lbs. I have not lost any more. I am keeping to my calorie allowance and doing exercise but I have not lost anything for two weeks. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Jo


Our expert says...

I'm sorry you are having such a frustrating time - it seems that you are the sort of person who loses a lot very quickly at first when you are calorie cutting and then struggles to lose any weight after this. It is particularly frustrating to reach a plateau so quickly when you have started off so well, but my advice would be for you to hang on in there if you can, not forgetting to focus on the weight you have lost so far and how much of shame it would be to undo the good work by giving up. Could you be restricting carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc.) unduly which could lead to large amounts of water being lost at first? If this is the case, bear in mind that a safer, more steady way to lose weight is to include all the food groups, but just to cut down portion sizes. To try to get things moving again, look at how much activity you are doing in and try to increase it, varying the type sand intensity of exercise you do. Keep your interest up by exploring new low fat foods and recipes and your patience, I'm sure, will soon pay off with continued, steady weight loss. Good luck!

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