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My Zolodex implants are affecting my exercise! Help!

Hi, I have been having Zolodex implants now for 4 months and the hot flushes are killing my exercise effort. I try to work through them, but when running feel like I would pass out unless I slow down or stop. I am determined not to give in to it... want my next 10km to be in under an hour!, any ideas how I can beat this ??


Our expert says...


Zoladex is the brand name of a generic drug called goserelin, a synthetic hormone which has the high potential for a variety of side effects including hot flashes, headaches, loss of appetite and sleep problems. The occurrence of your hot flashes may simply be unavoidable due to the medication, meaning you will have to try working alongside it or around it in order to achieve your 10k training goals. You could try the following:

- if you often run on a treadmill then try to brave the winter outside and take advantage of the fresh (albeit a tad chilly) air. It will help keep your body temperature lower for longer and may make the hot flashes feel a little less powerful.

- try doing moderate intensity intervals – where you run for a certain length of time (for example 6-7minutes) then walk or rest for 2-3 minutes to allow your heart rate and body temperature to reduce – although this may feel frustrating it should allow you to achieve a greater exercise duration overall with less uncomfortable hot flashes

- try X-training by interspersing other cardiovascular exercises in with the running - as the change between machines may help your body regulate temperature due to the variety between impact and non-impact methods

- You could try simply slowing down every time you feel a flash coming on and remain at a lower intensity for as long as it takes for it to settle.  There is no point fighting the feeling and leaving yourself feeling like you may pass out so take your foot off the pedal and carry on a comfortable pace till you can ramp it up again. Though mildly frustrating you will still make improvements to your 10k time this way, just a tad slower.

Hope this helps and you are able to work around the hot flashes,


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