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Medication slows down weight loss, how can I avoid this?

I am on amitriptiline for fibromyalgia and sotalol for a heart condition. I have been monitoring my weight loss for 4 weeks. I don't always write on computer as I have a diet journal. I seem to be putting on weight so I decided to do slim fast and exercise for a week. I didn't lose a pound, showed my doctor the print outs and he said my amytriptiline can cause weight gain. How do I lose weight? I need to be on this meds and he could only suggest stopping the meds. Any other ideas to stop the weight gain?


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This is a difficult situation and I sympathise, but unfortunately it is going to be a lot harder for you to lose weight if the drugs you are on slow your metabolism or in some other way make it more difficult for you to shed weight. I think it’s worth talking again to your doctor, stressing how important it is to you that you lose the weight and discussing with him if there are other treatment options. If you have to continue on the medication, losing weight isn’t impossible but will be harder and you will need a lot of patience. One idea might be to have a high protein diet (keeping some whole grains in their too), but something with plenty of chicken, lean meat, fish and beans, as protein does keep you filled up and has a higher heat of thermogenesis associated with it (i.e. your body produces more heat energy on digesting and metabolising it compared with other nutrients). The other thing you can do is increase your metabolism permanently by increasing your muscle mass – and that means doing some weight training and toning exercises. Kelly Marshall, our fitness consultant, may have some ideas for you if you drop her a line.

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