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Marathon Training & Deficit Calories

Hi, On reading through some of the old post on here I came across the post Am running the Brighton marathon, what about calories? - posted on the 17 Nov 10. I found the post and answer interesting as I am in a similar situation. I am a male, 42 years old and having lost some weight by using NC and hovering around my ideal weight (13 stone), give or take a few pounds. I have decided even though I feel better in myself I want to lower my BMI reading and want to try and lose another stone. I am currently in training for my first marathon in Oct and am in the early stages of a 16 week training programme. My concern is the amount of calories I am burning off. I completed a slow 12 miler this morning in just over 2 hours and going by my Garmin running watch with heart rate monitor I burnt off 1220 calories. I am happy about this, but concerned about keeping my body topped up with the correct sort of food to allow my body to refuel and stay injury free. What is the ideal sort of food I should be eating to counter the extra calories I am burning off and when ideally should I be eating it? Thanks very much for your help and advice. Portman


Our expert says...


In terms of the ‘what’ kind of food to be eating, I would suggest you focus on additional protein and complex carbohydrate combinations. So for example: beans, pulses, white meat – chicken, turkey, eggs, tofu and fish together with lots of vegetables – mixing as many different colours as possible (as different coloured vegetables provide differing nutrient and antioxidants). This combination will support muscle tissue repair and recovery to ensure your training doesn’t suffer and you don’t leave yourself susceptible to upper respiratory tract infections or injury.

In terms of ‘when’ to eat, I would encourage you to re-fuel quickly after a run, ideally within the first 15mnutes post-exercise (just something small – 100g of a protein and carbohydrate source) and then follow that with your next main meal as normal 2-4 hours later. This ensures adequate recovery of the muscles and minimises the risk of immune suppression and energy loss which will obviously aid your ongoing weight loss goals through consistent, effective training.

Hope this helps,


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