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Is peanut butter good to eat on a diet?

Hi I have often seen peanut butter mentioned as a good food to eat whilst on a diet. This has usually been on fitness-and muscle-oriented sites/magazines, and often American sites. IS peanut butter healthy? Do they have a different type in America that they are talking about, because all the ones we have here are so fattening! PS, I'm female if that makes any difference (ie, not looking to build hard-core muscle!)


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The reason peanut butter is recommended in many diet and fitness regimes is that it is a good source of protein and fat, but you are right in that this makes it a very calorific food to eat if you are trying to lose weight.


Basically, there is nothing wrong with eating peanut butter sparingly and accounting for it in your food diary.  But I think that is another problem.  For those of us who do like peanut butter (and it does seem to be one of those love it or hate it foods), it can be very hard to show restraint as it is very moreish!


I actually prefer some of the other nut butters.  Have you tried cashew nut butter or almond butter for example?  You can get these in health food shops and some supermarkets.  They are no less calorific than peanut butter, but they don’t contain salt (avoiding possible bloating and water retention) and are much runnier in consistency.  This makes these products easier to spread it thinly on crackers or toast, in place of margarine.  Very tasty!


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