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Is my erratic plan ok?

Hi, Although retired I am always busy at home either gardening or sewing but do go to the following classes:- Yoga on Tues; Pilates followed by Zumba Wed & Fri. I did also try Zumba Tone but that class was straight after Pilates & Zumba & I found it too much. When I remember (!!!) I try to do the odd 10mins on my bike. My still unfulfilled NY resolution is half hour walk once or twice a week. My diary recommends buring 200cals per day but with my timetable this is rather erratic; does this matter? Also, I'm surprised the calories for Yoga is as high as quoted as we are quite static. Our class is 90mins but I always enter 75 as the final is relaxation!


Our expert says...


It sounds like you're incorporating a wide variety of exercise into your routine which is great. The holistic classes you participate in (yoga and pilates) will work the whole body, focussing on precision and concentration of both the mind and body. Large muscle groups such as the abdominals, muscles in the lower back and buttocks will be worked in these classes. Movements are not performed rapidly or repeated excessively but the activation of large muscle groups accounts for the figure provided in relation to the calories burnt in these sessions.

Zumba and riding your bike will elevate the heart rate more than pilates and yoga which will improve your cardiovascular fitness. Including a brisk half hour walk each week into your routine will assist with your calorie expenditure and further improve your cardiovascular fitness.

Try to be as organised as you can in terms of supporting yourself with adequate sleep, nutrition and hydration. Aim for two-three times a week of quality exercise which will elevate your heart rate (zumba, walking, cycling) and combine this with your yoga and pilates. Gardening and household chores will also help you to increase your calorie expenditure so keep up the good work and remember that little and often is the key!

Hope this helps


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