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Is it best to eat prior to work out or after?

Hi, Is it best to eat prior work out or after? Which will help to burn calories and lose weight?


Our expert says...


There is no particular method of eating around exercise (in terms of either or) that is better for calorie burning and weight loss. The most important aspect around pre and post-exercise nutrition is ensuring adequate digestion time prior to exercise, to prevent discomfort or negatively impacting your exercise; as well as not leaving it too long without eating which can result in low blood sugar and negative training performance. With post-exercise it is important to re-fuel quickly, ideally within the first 15mnutes post-exercise (just something small – 100g of a protein/carbohydrate source) and then follow that with your next main meal as normal 2-4 hours later. This ensures adequate recovery of the muscles and minimises the risk of immune suppression and energy loss which will obviously aid your ongoing weight loss goals through consistent, effective training.

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