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Is it all hype about acai and colon cleanisng tablets?

I have recently seen a lot of hype about acai berry supplements in helping to lose weight and colon cleansing tablets too. Are these recommended?


Our expert says...

Acai berries have been presented as one of the new “super” fruits, and indeed they are very rich in antioxidants which mop up the free radicals that damage cells. An antioxidant-rich diet seems to protect against cancer and heart disease, but you don’t need to splash out on weird expensive fruits to get the antioxidants you need.

Simply getting a wide range of fruits and veg (at least 5 portions a day) in as wide a range of colours as you can is all you need. And I certainly know of no evidence that acai berries help you slim.

As for colon cleansing tablets, these are usually just laxatives by another name, and I wouldn’t recommend them. Obviously you’ll lose a bit of weight by clearing out your bowels, but it’s better just to have a naturally high fibre diet with fruits, veg and whole grains. Purging yourself just leads to discomfort and is unpleasant.

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