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Is eating a burger or sweets as bad as going over my target?

I was just wondering if eating say a burger or sweets/popcorn but staying under you kcal allowance is just as bad as going over? Thanks, Jade


Our expert says...

Hi Jade,


This is an interesting question! In theory, it is the number of calories that you eat in a day compared to the number of calories that you burn off in a day which governs weight loss and gain.  However, many people find that their food choices can affect this too.


So, for example, processed foods, such as a burger, can contain high levels of salt which can cause water retention.  This can lead to extra pounds on the scales and to a feeling of being bloated and uncomfortable. Sweets, and other confectionary, obviously contain a high percentage of sugar and this can cause blood sugar levels to surge.  When this happens, excess sugar is removed from the blood by insulin and can be stored as fat (quite often around the middle in women). 


I would say, though, that how our bodies respond to these types of foods can vary from person to person.  However, as a Nutritionist (and you did ask me!) I have to say that these foods can be ok occasionally, but it is not a healthy way to eat.  Eating these higher calorie foods may mean that you eat less healthy foods to stay within your daily target, and these foods are where you would obtain important vitamins and minerals.  So, my advice would be to eat these types of foods infrequently and, for most of the time, fill up on lean meat, complex brown carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit. 


All the best,


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