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Is drinking a lot of sugar free squash every day bad for me?

I drink two 2 litres of diluted squash every day, sugar-free. I know water is the best thing to drink, but it is nice to have a little flavour. Is this bad for me?


Our expert says...

Thanks for your question about artificially sweetened drinks. In principle there’s really no problem with adding a dash of low sugar (essentially calorie-free) squash to your water, to make sure you meet your daily fluid intake in a more palatable way. All artificial sweeteners in mainstream foods have been thoroughly tested and are safe in the quantities that you do, so there’s are certainly no worries there.

The only slight caution I would issue you with is to monitor your weight loss and hunger. If all is going to plan, and you’re losing weight and keeping appetite under control then it’s fine to stick with your current regimen including the sugar free squash.  However I can’t fail to mention that a few scientists, based on one or two preliminary studies, have raised concerns that in some cases artificial sweeteners might to some degree interfere with weight loss, perhaps (and this is completely unproven) because they “ fool” the body into expecting calories, which don’t arrive. As I say, this is a complicated issue and subject only to conjecture at this stage!

What is certain is that drinking low cal squash is certainly better than downing the sugary stuff and adding an extra 400 calories or so  a day to your diet! But having water, tea, herbal tea or coffee s probably better.

I hope this adds something rather than confuses! Personally, if it helps you any, I drink diet drinks when I fancy something a bit less boring than water, but I don't drink them every day.

Best wishes


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