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I want to exercise but how do I fit it into my lifestyle?

My name's Jenny and i have been on this new healthy eating for a week now and I'm doing well, but I'm not doing any exercise and would really like to.

I'm not able to go to classes as by the time I finished work I have to get my children and so have no time to go. I would like to be able to do some exercise at home but just always get bored of these workout DVD's. I've got this 8 min ab workout - how many calories do you think I would burn doing this? Or could you suggest some sort of exercise for me to do? I am meant to try and burn 410 cal a day on exercise and am just panicking incase I don't lose any weight because I'm not dong any exercise. Please help! Thanks Jenny x


Our expert says...

Hi Jenny,

Lifestyles are so difficult sometimes so its great that you focused on achieving the exercise side to compliment your healthy eating plan. Any form of physical activity whether it be housework, going for an evening walk, dancing around your living room or using exercise DVD's all burn calories and will add to the 410 calorie deficit you are aiming for.

It's unfortunately a little difficult to give you a figure of calories burned for the abdominal workout without knowing what exercises they are and how you actually do the exercises but it would be worth doing to strengthen your core and burn some calories.

To combat the boredom try to achieve as much variety as possible with the different activities you do. If it has to be home-based then rotate your workout DVD's on certain nights, trying to raise your heart rate as much as possible. Try house-cleaning to your favourite upbeat music - it can really encourage you to get stuck in!

I am currently writing a number of articles that will soon be available to you and these will cover a range of topics including home exercise options. In the meantime, I would suggest possibly checking in some of the latest health and fitness magazines, as these often provide mini workouts that would make a refreshing change to your exercise plan.

Any form of physical activity done CONSISTENTLY will support your healthy eating and weight loss goals, so just keep it interesting so you enjoy it. If you can get out for an evening stroll/power walk, that too would really help with calorie expenditure. I hope this helps Jenny.

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