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I have knee pain from DVD workouts, what shall I do?

Hi, I have been doing this for about 20 days and my knees are giving me trouble now. I am finding it painful to go up the stairs, bit difficult because I have to show people houses as I am an estate agent (a nice on)! I am 50 next month and I have never really been a fitness fanatic or exercised. Just walk alot generally. I only weigh 9st 4 and was 10st 8 before starting to diet, so never really really heavy. What shall I do? Take Nurofen and stop the DVD fitness. Just do abs and upper cardio? If so what? Dumbbell punches. Hope you can help, I feel older and more unfit than when I started! Caroline x


Our expert says...

Hi Caroline,

As you are feeling pain in both knees it is likely that your issue is a musculoskeletal one which is good news and easily treatable. The first step to confirming this is to get some sports massage on your legs from a qualified sports therapist / sports masseur in your area as this will reset any muscle tension that has developed from your consistent DVD workouts and which might in turn be causing a compressive stress on your knees during muscle contraction (i.e. going up stairs!). When you get your sports massage, ask specifically for work on the Illio-Tibial Tract = ITB, which is a connective tissue that runs down the outside of the thighs (running from our hip bone to the outside of the knee).

In the meantime, just have more rest days from the DVD and stretch your thigh muscles more often (daily), holding a stretch for 30seconds (without bouncing). You could take ibuprofen as a means of reducing muscle tissue inflammation caused by training but obviously this is just an aid and not a solution to the muscle soreness/tension which needs addressing in the medium to longer term.

As general preventative practice form injury, sports massage is very powerful (which is why all professional athletes in every sport have it weekly / daily), but in addition, you could also do contrast showers after your DVD workouts to minimise soreness and muscle tension later on. Contrast showers involve you simply alternating the temperatures in the shower between very cold and reasonably warm and contrast showers aid circulation and muscle relaxation.

Hope this helps,


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