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I am losing inches but the scales don't reflect. Why?

Hi Fitness Guru! :) People probably ask this question all time-but I am loosing inches visibly and according to measuring tape, however not weight on scales, despite my efforts. I'm sure I will eventually as has only been couple weeks but I am very curious about this inches business..... Thanks!


Our expert says...


Firstly, well done for taking circumference measures as well as considering the scales in your progress, as this will allow you to stay aware of your continued progress as the body adapts in different ways at different times. 

The thing to remember is that the body adapts at different speeds and can take time to register and provide visible responses to different types of training. When you are making progress in your training, your body will be reaping the benefits and you will experience changes in body shape relating to muscle tone improvements and body fat reduction. 

As your body improves tone and your shape changes, you will often notice clothes fitting differently though the scales don’t mirror the same magnitude of change. This can relate to the body balance between improving muscle tone and decreasing body fat. A lack of weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean that something isn’t right and I would only be concerned if you go for 4-6 weeks without any decrease. 

With relation to the weighing scales: In one week you may lose 2lbs, then the next nothing and then the next 4lbs! Fluctuations in body water mass can vary by several pounds within a few hours. The timing of your "weigh-in" is also important as having gone without something to eat or drink for a few hours or having just been to the loo could make several pounds of a difference and give a low reading, whereas the opposite scenario could give a higher than actual weight - and the difference between the two results could be as much as half a stone.

So, keep up the good work and take motivation from the fact that your exercise is effectively changing your body and supporting your nutrition to burn body fat. The scales will reflect these circumference changes eventually.

Hope this helps,


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