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I am due to have an op, so how can I keep my fitness up?


I've been steadily losing 1-2lb per week since March and so far have lost over a stone. My target is to lose another stone by mid July to reach my ideal weight of 8st 6lb. The only concern I have is that I am due to have a breast augmentation at the beginning of July. After the operation, I am not allowed to do any exercise at all for 3 weeks after, I have been advised to relax on the sofa and do nothing. After that, I'm allowed to gently exercise on the bike for 3 weeks, then after that take it easy. At the moment, I run 4-5 miles a day, circuit train 3-4 per week and play squash 1-2 per week. So as you can imagine it will be a bit of shock to do nothing for a while and I'm really worried about my fitness suffering and gaining weight.

Any advice?


Our expert says...


The key thing to remember is that doing less exercise is not a problem in itself as it is the ratio of calories in to the amount of calories burned in exercise that determines weight balance. So as long as you cater for the lower level of exercise and physical activity in your calorie intake then you needn?t put on any weight at all.

As you will have to recover from the surgery you should expect your fitness to decease slightly but remember that the fitter you are prior to the surgery, the less fitness you lose and the less time it will take to regain your pre-op fitness when you return to training! As soon as you can cycle and do non-impact exercise, aim to maximise the exercise on the body parts that can be worked without causing you discomfort?so leg training i.e. squats, lunges, lower body weight machines and just making the most of your cycling.

Obviously upper body exercise will be, like impact training and anything that would require lying on your front, will be some of the last elements to return to your training plan, as scar tissue needs time to settle and heal.

Also, don?t underestimate the power of physical activity like walking that is a consistent calorie burner and provide alternatives for fat-burning and low-level impact for your body. I would strongly suggest you try and view this forthcoming rest period as just that. The body actually appreciates a full, proper rest, (not just a day off) and this period of time away from your regular routine will power up your motivation when you return and give your body a real rest that will prove beneficial when you return to full training.

Often in our busy lifestyles we fail to ever really take it easy or rest properly until we are forced to do so by illness, surgery etc so really set about enjoying and fully embracing your rest, which doesn?t have to mean steps backwards.

Hope this helps


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