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I'm losing weight but not inches - why?

Hi, I have been using Nutracheck for nearly 3 weeks now and am really pleased that I have lost 7 lbs already, half my target, but I am slightly concerned that I don't look slimmer. I am still 37" chest and more annoyingly 33" waist. I really want to see the visible improvements. I am doing lots of exercise, (aerobics and Pilates). What can I do to shift the inches?? Should I just give it more time??


Our expert says...


Firstly, well done on your weight loss so far, it really shows that you have been managing your food diary and the calorie balance very well! Don’t worry about the apparent lack of inch change in the chest and waist area yet, the body is selective but also random and unique to every individual in terms of where fat is utilised from and in what amount and order. There is a general pattern however, for the body to prefer reducing stores from the face, arms and legs first, as opposed to the stomach and hips, as these fat stores serve a dual purpose as a protective factor for the vital organs underneath (reproductive organs, kidneys and liver).

It is simply a matter of time as you are doing everything right with nutrition and exercise combined, so just keep up the excellent work and you will see the rewards soon in how your clothes feel and in the measurements, it will catch up and mimic your excellent weight loss!

Hope this helps,


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