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I'm continually tired! Why?

Wondering if you can help - I am ALWAYS tired. Even after a good 8-12 hrs sleep I am tired. I work 3 days a week and have a 18 month old - she sleeps till 7 so really I have no reason to be tired do I? I eat well enough - I eat fruit but not much veg although I do try! I don't drink much alcohol either. I go to the gym. Can you give any tips on foods etc that will keep me going? My tiredness is starting to become anti social. I'm off for a blood test at Docs tomorrow..HELP!


Our expert says...

Hi, thanks for your query, and I'm sorry to hear about your debilitating tiredness. Fatigue is such an awful thing but I'm glad to hear you are having a blood test as I'm sure this will throw light on the situation and enable you to work on righting what the problem is. Until you have a clearer idea it's not really possible for me to comment, but for information, one of the most common nutritional reasons for fatigue is iron deficiency anaemia. Iron deficiency is more common in women who have heavy periods, and to increase your iron levels you will usually need to take a supplement, but your doctor will advise on those and prescribe accordingly. In the meantime, whether or not it is iron deficiency that's your problem it wouldn?t hurt to eat more iron rich foods which include lean red meat, nuts and seeds (especially cashews), dried fruit (especially figs) and green leafy veg.

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