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I'm a waitress and can't stop eating at work!

Hi, I spent time trying to lose weight last year and it went very well. I have recently started trying to lose just a little more, but coming up against the same problem as I had last time, despite only starting yesterday. I had a very good day and ate good food, until I got to work...I am a waitress and there is always spare bits of bread, extra chips etc lying around and even though I wasn't hungry I found myself snacking on these items and eating probably around three hundred extra calories. l always struggle when I am at work, the rest of the time I find it easy to eat well but over-eating at work offsets the healthy eating I do the rest of the time. Do you have any suggestions as to how I could stop eating at work? Thanks


Our expert says...

Hi, and thanks for your query - it’s a tough one! The interesting aspect is that you say you aren’t hungry when you tuck into these bits at work, so we need to look at your motivation for doing what is actually an act of self sabotage as far as your diet is concerned.

Stress or boredom could be a major factor – or perhaps on a psychological level, seeing food wasted triggers uncomfortable feelings? If so you need to find ways to deal with these feelings in other ways than eating. It sounds a bit crazy, but sometimes it’s possible to envoke your imagination in these situations and to pretend that all the food at work tastes of the most revolting thing you’ve ever tasted, or is made of plasticine or something like that!

Another way could be to actually allow yourself these calories by eating less in the day. Over time, you’ll begin to prefer the calories you choose yourself I think.

Sometimes we get caught in these self sabotage loops and have to quite simply believe in ourselves and our ability to get out of them more. You CAN do it!!! You said you had the same problem last year but still managed to lose weight successfully, so hold on to that as you were obviously doing something right in the end and managed not to let these extra calories make a beeline for your hips.

Good luck!

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