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How much water can one person retain?????

How much water can one person retain????? I am usually seen walking around with a mug in my hand. In this mug I have water or green tea. I indulge in one coffee each morning. No more and I love it. I also have a bowl of pure, vegan soup, made with just veg and water each day. However I often feel bloated and swollen. I must admit, I prone to salt cravings. How much of this wobble can be water? And how do I shift it?


Our expert says...

Drinking lots of fluid won’t lead to you being bloated, though having too much salt might, and I think it is this side of the equation you need to look at. Try to keep within a salt intake of 6g a day and  If you crave salt choose your foods carefully. Surprisingly, things that taste obviously savoury like salted nuts, and Marmite spread thinly on toast, can actually be less salty than foods where salt is incorporated throughout but don’t taste obviously savoury. So with some homework, you should be able to eat the foods you like without going passing your salt limit. Could there be other reasons for feeling bloated though? Bloating and  discomfort may be a sign of an intolerance to milk, or due to irritable bowel syndrome for example. And most commonly fluid retention is due to being pre-menstrual - it's possible for your weight to fluctuate by 2-3 pounds and sometimes even up to 5 pounds as a result of hormones.

Perhaps it might be worthwhile popping along to your GP if your symptoms continue.

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