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How much low fat Protein should I have?

Hi, I know I need to consume low fat protein as it helps to keep you feeling full for longer, but how much should I eat a day? I eat low fat cottage cheese, yoghurt and cream cheese, as well as lean chicken and meat. Any other suggestions for good protein I could try?  Thanks Freyja


Our expert says...

Hi Freyja If you were consuming  30 per cent of a 1400 calorie per day intake as protein  (higher than the normal amount, but still safe, and a quantity that could trigger satiety more successfully), you’d be looking to have about 105g protein a day. As a guide, 105g protein is the amount you'd get from two large grilled chicken breasts weighing 160g each.Other ways to bump up your protein intake include fish, tofu, quorn and beans such as soya beans.

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