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How much exercise is enough? Should I try swimming?

I was wondering if you could help me. When I started this programme I was working out using DVD's, walking and once a week attending a yoga class.

As time has passed I have found I can't find the time to do all of this. I walk to work which is 40 mins brisk walk (breaking a sweat) everyday. Do my yoga class once a week and squeeze in a toning DVD a couple to 3 times a week.

I am not one of these gym-crazed people I get too disheartened too quickly and also find that my programmes make me tired so I eat more and never lose any weight - just maintain it.

So the question - is the walking and the DVD and yoga class enough to count for exercise? If not what could you suggest? I do run but again that tires me out and also my knees are begining to hurt. If I started swimming how often or how many lengths should I look to do? Thanks for your help.
Regards Anna


Our expert says...

Hi Anna,

If you are losing weight as you want then yes, the walking, DVDs and yoga is enough for your aims and it means you have got the balance right with regards to your nutrition!

Obviously, you could achieve greater benefits in terms of cardiovascular fitness if you involve/alternate in, exercise that will make your heart work at a higher intensity then that achieved with walking and yoga. My suggestion would be to vary your weekly plan by including swimming once a week, or one week in, one week out of your plan.

You could substitute one DVD for a swim perhaps. The lengths you do will depend on your fitness level but I would suggest trying to see how many you can achieve next time you go and use that as a bench mark to aim for. If you can include an occassional gentle jog then fantastic but don't do it if you can't manage it without experiencing pain afterwards. Running is a good method of exercise but is not essential!

Your comment about eating more after training is really common but can potentially be solved quite easily as this hunger often relates to pre/post exercise nutrition. If you haven't tried these things before then tgive them a go, as often they can allieviate the post-exercise hunger urge:

- drink a pint of water and wait 20 mins before eating something because

often the 'hunger' is thirst in disguise! Often increasing your fluid intake fills the stomach and calms the 'hunger' urge becuase gives the body what it's really asking for.

- immediately post-exercise have a small combination of fast absorbing carbohydrate and protein. The protein is important because the body requires it for recovery from exercise and it suppresses the appetite. Often people wait too long after exercise before refueling the body and this leads to unnecessary mass consumption.

Try the above suggestions and let me know how you get on. Good luck.


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