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How many calories in stock from meat?

How many calories are there in fresh stock? I've slow roasted a gammon joint and want to use the stock for a soup, I put the stock in the fridge overnight and remove the solid fat off the top before I use the stock but I'm not sure how to calculate the calories in the stock that's left?


Our expert says...

Unfortunately there is no definitive answer for how many calories there will be in homemade stock because there are so many factors which could influence the total calories such as how much fat you remove, how fatty the gammon was that you used to make the stock, whether you add any oil/ alcohol etc to the stock.

However in the interest of simplicity it's probably best to work to the principle that a stock based on gammon ham would have a higher calorie content than something like chicken stock (due to the fat content of the meat). A basic chicken stock would have less than 20kcal per 100ml so I would put a ham stock slightly higher at around 30-50 kcal per 100ml to allow for the higher fat content. This is probably an overestimate of the total calories but it's better to over rather than underestimate.

Sorry not to be able to give you a definitive figure, however I hope this helps you to estimate the calories in your soup.

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