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How many calories for my gymophobics circuit?

Hi, I've recently joined Lady Zone which is a little like gymophobics except it's constant. How do I log this as exercise? I'm 15st - 5ft 3 Recumb cycle - 3 minutes level 1 90 revolutions per min (All in the space of 3 minutes so heart rate is constantly up) Chest press - level 6 -123-133 reps Leg extensions - level 1 - 103-137 reps Ab curl on cradle 45-50 reps Leg Curl - level 18 - 120-110 reps Waist Bends - not counting these Tricep Dip - level 18 120-140 reps Abdominal machine - Level 10 - 78-86 reps Pull down - level 26 - 80-88 reps Stretches Should I just class it as 200 cals of exercise done and leave it at that? Thanks Amanda x


Our expert says...

Hi Amanda,

The standard kind of circuit that the fitness chain ‘Gymophobics’ promotes, provides a calorie expenditure of around 110-155 calories for a 30 minute workout. Where on this range is most suitable to you in any given workout depends on the following factors:

- How accustomed you are to the particular routine and exercises. The longer you have been doing the same routine the fewer calories you begin to need to accomplish the same workout so you may need to take this into account.

- The quality of your technique and the how much you push yourself within the circuit. The stricter you are with ensuring ideal technique for full muscular range of motion on all the exercises and trying to work as hard as possible, the higher on the range your calorie figure is likely to be.

The great thing about these kinds of workouts is that the combination of aerobic and resistance training means that you burn an effective number of calories within your workout time frame, but are also promoting lean muscle tissue development and strength, which provides the long-term solution to weight loss and effective weight balance.

Hope this helps


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