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How many calories does David Kirsch's lower body DVD burn?

Hi, Please could you tell me how many calories the David Kirsch One-on-One Training Lower Body DVD burns. It's a really great work out, and it gets me so sweaty and out of breath I feel like it must be burning off those pounds! Thanks, Helena


Our expert says...

Hi Helena,

Because of David’s unique ability to combine the right exercises, engaging multiple body parts and incrementally getting more advanced and challenging you in the process, you could expect to burn in the region of 304 calories per hour with this exercise DVD. To be more specific consider the intensity level you are achieving during the workout:

If you find the workout quite easy, (i.e. you rated your effort as 5 or below on a scale of difficulty) then the calorie range you would be best to consider would be approximately 235-289 calories an hour. If you feel like the intensity of the workout would be 7 or above out of 10 then I would go with a number closer to 294-312 calories an hour.

 If you find the workout very manageable, as you have an established level of fitness or have been doing this workout for sometime consistently, (more than 6 weeks), then you may want to consider changing what you are doing to increase the calories you burn. If you took say 2-3 weeks away from the workout and substituted it for another DVD or type of exercise altogether and then came back to it, you would ensure your body doesn't become over-accustomed to the workout and short-change your calorie output!

For those who haven’t seen anything about this particular DVD, this progressive intensity program is divided into three parts: One Distinctively David for Legs And Hips; Two Distinctively David for Butt and Three, David's ultimate challenge Legs Hips And Butt.

Hope this helps,


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