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How many calories added by deep-fat frying?

Once per week we have friends over for a curry. I have been successful is producing a load of low calorie curry ideas, but for starters we have samosas. Obviously I know these will be full of calories. Up to know I have been adding a takeaway samosa from the nutracheck diary, but since I make these myself I would like to be able to work out the exact damage. I have added up the calories in the recipe, but how do I work out the calories added from deep-fat frying in vegetable oil? My OH had the idea of weighing the oil before and after because the samosas would lose a lot of water during frying so using their weight wouldn't be very accurate. Are we on the right lines?


Our expert says...


I like your dedication to your weight loss – it is certainly going to pay off in the long term.  And I also like your approach to having an occasional treat with friends.  As long as this is accounted for, as you are doing, this helps relieve the boredom of dieting and can help keep you sane too!

But I don’t think I would tie myself up in knots weighing the oil for frying the samosas – particularly as I would be blotting the samosas on kitchen paper anyway if I had deep fried them.  I think that using a takeaway value would be accurate enough if you are only eating them once a week.

But I had another thought too.  Have you considered baking your samosas?  I have come across several recipes that might be worth a try.  Take a look at www.fatfreekitchen.com for one of them.  Enjoy!

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