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How do you work out waist to hip ratio?

Hi, How do you work out your waist to height ratio and what is the ideal range?


Our expert says...



To determine if you have a healthy waist to hip ratio, use a measuring tape to measure the circumference of your hips at the widest part of your buttocks. Then measure your waist at the smaller circumference of your natural waist, usually just above the belly button.To determine the ratio, simply divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.


Research has shown that people with "apple-shaped" bodies (with more weight around the waist) face more health risks than those with "pear-shaped" bodies who carry more weight around the hips.


For females:


0.08 or below = low health risk


0.81 to 0.85 = moderate health risk


0.85+ = high health risk 


For males:


0.95 or below = low health risk


0.96 to 1.0 = moderate health risk


1.0+ = high health risk


It is important to mention that the above scores and classifications of health are solely based on the waist to hip ratio and are not accurate for generalising to overall health or specific medical concerns. The calculation is a useful guide but, like other methods, does have limitations and inaccuracies.


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