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How do I train around my tibial stress fracture?

Hi, I got a tibial stress fracture about a month ago whilst training for the marathon. I am resting it for now but don't want to lose all of my fitness before I can start building up my running again. I've been swimming for about 45 mins 3x a week but am getting incredibly bored with it and wondered if you could suggest alternative forms of exercise that won't stress my leg too much? With the weather getting better I'd like to be able to be outdoors as much as possible as I'm not that keen on gyms. Many thanks


Our expert says...


With stress fractures the key thing to avoid in order to allow the fracture to settle is impact! Hence no running! Swimming is an excellent choice however so well done and the next logical step would be out of water activity but still non-impact – i.e. using a bike. This would allow you to enjoy the outdoors, keep training the leg muscles and your endurance fitness but also to avoid impact. Make sure you pace yourself and listen to your body. If your leg starts aching when cycling then stop and give it some rest and go back to swimming till it settles, then slowly re-introduce cycling again and in the more medium-term use the same approach to re-introduce running.

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